Meet Our Team

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John Lawton President and CEO

I started Linus to reduce risk in my own cattle business, so I could sleep better at night. Now I'm privilieged to be helping others do the same.

I’ve been feeding cattle since 1978 when I raised my first 4-H calf. I grew up farming with my Dad and uncle in Niton Junction, Alberta, and took Agricultural Production at Olds College.

Today, I feed cattle in western Canada and Nebraska and have been fortunate to do business with many intelligent and progressive people over the years.

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Stacey Lawton Human Resources Director

I take great pride in managing our very talented team of Linus professionals.

My interest in the industry started when I was growing up on a farm in Saskatchewan, showing cattle in the 4-H program. I graduated with a Diploma in Nursing from Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology and after many years working in the healthcare industry, I'm well-prepared for my role in Human Resources.

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Lyndsay Smith Management Support Pro Director

I work with Linus customers advising on market conditions and risk management strategies. I also work closely with the Linus product team to test new features and provide guidance on product development.

I graduated with a Herd Health Diploma from Lakeland College and received my Applied Agriculture Degree from Olds College. After my education, I started my career in the industry as a market analyst and am currently focused on cattle procurement and risk management.

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Jason Kraft Cattle Financial Planner

I provide sales and service support to Linus customers in the US and Canada.

My primary focus is risk measurement and risk management for commercial feedyards and cattle feeders. I help customers develop and execute strategies that mitigate price and basis risk in livestock, grain and currency markets.

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Bryan Vasseur Cattle Financial Planner

I work closely with clients to develop, execute and monitor risk management strategies and approaches.

I host weekly reviews with Linus7 customers to discuss these strategies and approaches. Linus7 provides the forward looking measurement that enables me and my customers to position their operation for success.

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Brandon McEndaffer Cattle Financial Planner

I provide service support and risk management strategies to Linus customers in the US and Canada.

I view Linus as a key tool to measure the risk involved in the operation, and my primary focus is to make sure strategies are optimal to the individual’s operation. I look to incorporate futures, options, forward contracts, CPIP, and over the counter instruments to mitigate price and basis risk.

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Megan Kozey Customer Support Pro

I provide back office service and support for both US and Canadian Linus customers.

I oversee the process of reconciliation of futures and options positions in all Linus accounts. Additionally, I help train customers to enter purchase orders, contracts and lot information as well as setting up rations, lot, and cattle classifications.

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Tess Self Customer Support Assistant

I assist with entry and reconciliation of futures and options positions in all Linus accounts.